Community Management

We deliver a 24/7 service with well experienced moderators that can serve as support representatives for our client’s project.


Chat Moderator

  • Our chat moderators are swift, intelligent, and competent in responding to comments and questions regarding the project.

  • They have spontaneous bonding ability with potential investors in the community which makes it easy to keep everyone focused and interested in the project.

  • They are excited and optimistic about the progress and success of the project.

  • They have strong mental and psychological resolve to withstand any form of pressure from investors trying to cause FUDS in the community.



Chat Generation

  • Our chat generators engage proactively. They are experts in different but interrelated crypto projects ranging from NFTs games of different kinds and others.

  • They are multitasking and make intelligent engagement that captures and convinced investors to invest more in the projects within the community.

  • They are also project ambassadors within the community in which they intelligently protect and defend the project from spoilers.

  • They work on timelines and expectations which they must deliver at the end of every shift, week, and month.